Maui, what a perfect destination to get married at.  We had a week long adventure, read about it here. Sam and Audrianna are the bestest friends I could ask for.  In October Taylor & I drove out to New Mexico where they live and we were honored to be their witness on their LEGAL marriage certificate!

Tuesday is when they got married, th morning started off quiet.  Sam & the boys went into town.  Audrianna & I hung out and made her bouquet that morning.  We got some flowers at Safeway with babies breath and plucked some flowers from the backyard, gorg!  We did a good job if I say so myself.  The nicest ladies came and did hair for all the girls.  They looked ahhhmazing!  Then we were off to Po’olenalena Beach.  The girls had such a cute first looked (none of that was planned) and we took so many stunning photos on the beach before their ceremony.  As the sun was going down they said their vows in front of just a few people.  Taylor took home video for Audrianna and we actually made a really cool behind the scenes video.

Afterwards we all went out to a nice dinner at the Chef’s table at the Lahaina Grill!

hawaii hawaii2hawaii1 hawaii4 hawaii3hawaii5 hawaii7 hawaii8hawaii6hawaii9hawaii10hawaii11hawaii12hawaii13hawaii14hawaii15hawaii16hawaii17hawaii18hawaii19 hawaii22 hawaii21 hawaii20hawaii23 hawaii24 hawaii25hawaii27hawaii26 hawaii28hawaii29 hawaii30 hawaii31 hawaii32hawaii33 hawaii35 hawaii34hawaii36 hawaii38 hawaii37hawaii39hawaii40hawaii41hawaii42hawaii44hawaii45hawaii46hawaii47hawaii48hawaii49 hawaii51 hawaii50hawaii52 hawaii53hawaii55 hawaii58 hawaii56

This was our home all of last week!  7 minutes from the beach and right up by the mountains.  Gorgeous!  We were so spoiled and we spent our mornings and evenings out in this colorful backyard! Nothing beats the view of the ocean too! We cooked breakfast and a few dinner meals at home with everyone.  The house was perfect and the garden/landscape was amazing, including lime trees and baby palm trees in the backyard!  There were also outdoor showers with huge stones to stand on.  Really nice for getting all the beach sand off of you.   IMG_3443hawaii15hawaii14IMG_3453 IMG_3454IMG_3492 IMG_3462hawaii22Right after we arrived, Bride to be! IMG_3441hawaii3 hawaii2 hawaii1Spent the first morning in Hawaii ripping open coconuts – what else? hawaii16IMG_3503First day at the beach.  It was a really rocky part.  Taylor got stabbed by a sea urchin (he’s fine!!!) so that was a little surprise and had to try and get the splinter like pieces out of his hand! IMG_3517 IMG_3572hawaii4The other cute Bride to be.  Love these shots!  IMG_3568 IMG_3557 IMG_3556 IMG_3552 IMG_3548 IMG_3540 IMG_3534We traveled with Sam’s family.  Here’s her Mom, Sister and Brother!  Good times!  IMG_3533 IMG_3531Paradise!  IMG_3525Ahhhh Sunday night was our Luau.  We all got dressed up nice and were so excited!  We went to the longest running Luau.  All set by the beach at sunset.  We enjoyed too many Mai Tais, saw where the pig was being cooked, tried Poi (Hawaiian food made from Taro plant, rich in vitamins and minerals, pretty bland but good with pork!) and watched the amazing dancers! IMG_3595hawaii5 IMG_3602That black spot by our feet is our little (big) pet snail!!!!   IMG_3601IMG_3611IMG_3642hawaii6 hawaii7 IMG_3620Real flower leis! IMG_20140309_055734 IMG_3622I honestly didn’t realize how short I was until I actually got in front of the camera with a group of people… IMG_3646IMG_3658IMG_3656 IMG_3669 IMG_3673 IMG_3674We went to check out the beach where the girls were getting married! IMG_3686Of course someone must get buried…with boobs.  IMG_3711 We went the day before the wedding to check it out!  I was in HEAVEN with the trees, colors and everything else the area offered to me for photos.  We got attacked by some huge waves, listened to WHALES UNDERWATER & swam with sea turtles!  All the humpback whales have been there for a few months giving birth.  We saw them and the babies everywhere!   IMG_3703 IMG_3694 IMG_3690IMG_20140310_033902The wedding was on Tuesday.  The best day we had and clear skies!  We woke up and Audrianna & I made her bouquet and Shayne’s (Maid of Honor).  We used flowers from Safeway and 3 beautiful ones from the yard! All the girls got their hair done and met at the beach.  They saw each other before the ceremony and we got the most AMAZING PHOTOS!  Taylor took video for Audrianna’s family back home – check out the video we made for them.  Taylor was so awesome to also snap some photos of me working!  Such an amazing wedding!!   hawaii IMG_5182 copyhawaii21 hawaii23IMG_5130Dinner that night we were treated at the Chef’s table.  I have never had food this good.  OH MY GOSH.  That’s all I can say.  hawaii18hawaii20At the end of the week we traveled the “Road to Hana” which I think Hana means death!  The winding road allowed us to go about 15mph and there were 1 way bridges you’d have to stop for frequently!  On the way are waterfalls you can stop and hike to.  We hit 2 of the 7 waterfalls and Taylor and Sam jumped into one! IMG_5217

I think we have almost every color there is on.  IMG_5231 IMG_5220IMG_5234 IMG_5271 IMG_5238hawaii17Sea Urchin battle wound!hawaii24Finally a gorgeous sunset!  The sun was typically so bright, mixed with hazy clouds we didn’t have too many of these! IMG_20140313_063033Ahhh Thursday was our snorkel adventure!  We were supposed to snorkel in a crater but due to some intense winds we hit another spot by a coral reef.  The boat was great, saw tons of whales and had some yummy food.  I snorkeled with the girls and Taylor went with the Mother of the Bride and did snuba!!!  He was able to go deep underwater and the oxygen tank floated above him.  The boat rented underwater digital cameras we took advantage of! hawaii11IMG_5309 IMG_5289hawaii13 hawaii12 hawaii11P3137521 P3137502 P3137472The last day was souvenir shopping and a Cheeseburger in Paradise!  yummmm, can we go back???


What a cRaZy week it’s been!  Taylor has been out and about nonstop this week for his business.  They’re launching a coffee soon and I’m dying to try,  I just ordered some!  I wrapped up the styled shoot from last weekend with Shea Marie Designs.  Ate way too many Girl Scout cookies and an apple pie the other night…oh and I have Hawaii in 8 days.  Besides me eating poorly when I need to be in a bathing suit, I CAN’T WAIT!  We have a luau, snorkeling and the 7 falls lined up already.  I can’t wait for another vacation and for Taylor to see a new beautiful place.  I was fortunate enough to go to Hawaii when I was in 4th grade with my parents. But beyond that, March is a little quiet for me.  I’m so excited I’ve been booking lots of Boudoir shoots for my Brides!

I have to share some cute photos of my loves…my sweet babies!

Here’s the Sami Wami who resides with my parents because her 100lb butt is too much for our home.  Look at that sweet face!  Ah!


These were taken a week or so ago when we got some snow.  I got her in action with the shake! Eyes rolled back, drool and all.  That’s my Sam.

There’s also little Beib, Bieb, Beeb?  She’s my babe.  Taylor got her in high school the same time I got Sam (they’re both 9!) She let’s me carry her like a baby and always cuddles up with me.  Her little self works great in our home!


Can’t forget Miss. Kitty

IMG_1370 IMG_1368

My beautiful friend Kim is expecting her first baby and we just found out it’s a BOY!  I love the cute picture we setup for her to announce on Facebook!wpid-boy.jpg

I just finished reading Jasmine Star’s magazine.  She’s a celebrity in the wedding photography industry.  100K+ likes on Facebook, she’s a rockstar and the ultimate branding guru.  The magazine is all about her life and how she started her photo business until now.  I must of been having an off week because I got a little depressed reading it and wondering “who am I” among other questions like that.  HA!  But I’m okay now, don’t worry.  I love her for who she is and how she sells HERSELF.  I’m not gushing over her work.

It’s very interesting building your own business.  Every year there’s something new, a new element that you work on and develop to become better.  It’s been a crazy experience.wpid-IMG_20140205_075819.jpg

Our Valentine’s Day was quiet, spent inside with a home cooked meal.  But I have to share this amazing, delicious cake my sweet little Sis made for us!  How cute!  It was gone in a couple days.  I think I have a dessert problem.  Did I mention I have Hawaii? wpid-IMG_20140216_081154.jpg

Lastly, I have to share my latest find!  The Smash Book!  I found mine at Walmart but you can also get them online and I saw them in Archiver’s Scrapbook store.  Do you have a memento box where you keep silly things like movie tickets, plane tickets, photos & cards from throughout your relationship with your loved one?  I did!  The Smash Book was the perfect place for me to put all those items and with minimal time.  I’d love to scrapbook but all the time and money it takes this was a much simpler solution for me with being so busy.


They have different themed books as well so you can even use it for baby stuff and much more!  I love this “love” theme I found.


I added photos that Taylor’s Grandma always mails us after Xmas.  IMG_1359

A ticket stub from a concert we went to.  Ticket from when we went snowboarding.  We got into a phase with some of our friends were we’d go play Bingo and I kept one to add.  I also wrote a list of all the great things that happened in 2012 so I’d never forget. How great will this be to look back on and show our kids?  IMG_1357

Cabo plane tickets for Taylor’s birthday! Aquarium adventures and a note from Taylor on some Valentine’s Day. IMG_1356

They’re so fun and quick and easy.  I used a glue stick and also that new fun Washi Tape.  Can’t wait to add more.  All the birthday, just because and anniversary cards I think I’m going to wrap them in a ribbon and keep them in a box!  I though about gluing them in there but there’s way too many!  Happy Friday!

My last wedding of 2013 Kaitlin and Frank were both the Maid of Honor & Best Man and I got to spend the entire day with them.  They have been together for a few years and when they announced their engagement a couple months after the wedding, I was so thrilled for them…Even more thrilled when she got in touch with me about their engagement portraits!  They had to include Razz & Gretchen, the two girlies that complete their family.  Random side note – little Razz was a show dog for the first 7 years of her life!  She’s a diva and Gretchen is just a puppy, I know hard to believe the 110lb is just 1 year old.  We went to a beautiful park close to their house that they frequently take the dogs to for a walk.  We found some gorgeous light and a place to setup on the log.  Kaitlin and Frank love Fat Tire so I loved the idea of them bringing some along for the park photos!  It was such a warm afternoon (weekend in the 60′s), we had hoped for some snow but I’m not going to complain about the warm weather.  We went to Historic Downtown Littleton, another favorite place for them to go.  We found so many cool doorways, textures and colors.  I’m so in love with this shoot and everything we got that reflects their love perfectly!

love love3 love2 love1love4 love5 love8 love10love9 love6love7love15love11 love14 love12love16 love17love18love19 love22 love21 love20love23 love25 love24love28 love26love27love29

love30 love32 love31

Katie & Austin are as cute as can be.  They’ve been together forever, hence the cute Taco Bell sauce from their “first date.” So romantic ;)  They both just graduated college in December and have settled into a new place deep into Wyoming.  Katie & Austin are both from Colorado so we had to plan their session around when they come to town.  Last weekend worked out perfectly and Katie got the wintery weather she was really hoping for!  I’m so glad they agreed to some ice skating together!  It’s been years since they’ve gone and that was only their second time skating together.  It was so much fun and we had the rink to ourselves.  Katie’s cute peacoat and mittens are to die for including the adorable mugs she made herself!  It was a chilly morning so hot cocoa in between outfits was a perfect idea!  We included their new dog Lewis at the end of the shoot!  So cute!  I am so happy for these guys and can’t wait for my first December wedding with them next year at the Silverthorne Pavilion!

katie1 katie2katie3katie4 katie5katie6 katie9 katie8 katie7katie10 katie11 katie12katie13 katie15 katie14katie16 katie18katie19 katie20          katie21katie23 katie25 katie24katie22katie28 katie29katie27katie21 katie25 katie24 katie23 katie22 katie26

Ahhh, there’s nothing like you’re own bed.  Currently in mine while writing this and it’s good to be home (last night)!  We were in Nashville from Friday-Monday.  My Mom & I do a trip every year together.  2010 was New York, 2011 was Chicago!  We always have so much fun and traveling with my Mom you won’t miss a thing in that city.  She’s so good at researching all the to-dos, places to go and things to try.  Never a dull moment.


Our first stop Friday morning was the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Apologize in advance for minimal exterior photos of places.  It was colder in Nash than here in Colorado, with insane winds.  On the way there we stopped inside the Opryland Hotel which was massive and beautiful!


nash1 nash2 nash3 nash4

IMG_8027 IMG_8025  IMG_8015

The Country Music Hall of Fame took us on a tour to see the historic RCA studio.  More than 35,000 songs were recorded there and 1,000 of them were top ten American hits.  Elvis recorded 150 songs there and the piano is the original one!


IMG_8048 IMG_8052

Back at the Hall, Reba McEntire has a whole section about her and some of her gowns on display.  I love seeing my Mom check out the dresses up close and how they’re made.

IMG_8058 IMG_8057

This car was awesome, it was decorated all over with guns and silver dollars on the interior.  Belonged to Webb Pierce and I have no clue who that is, ha!


nash6 nash7


IMG_8069 IMG_8076 IMG_8075 IMG_8074 IMG_8071 IMG_8038

Afterwards we went to were all the honkey tonks are.  It’s like a mini Vegas!  Not really our scene but still fun to check out.  Went into one and listened to a band play a few songs.  We like walking up and down the street and going into fun stores.  We always have to find a Christmas ornament for my Mom.  Her tradition from every place she visits.

IMG_8088 IMG_8094 nash5

Best believe we found the candy store!

nash8 IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8102 IMG_8109 IMG_8111 IMG_8118 IMG_8119 IMG_8105

That same night we went to a show at the Ryman!  What a treat!  It was a great show.

IMG_8132 IMG_8126 IMG_8128


Saturday morning we were up and off to Memphis.  First stop was the Civil Rights Museum all about MLK.  It was fascinating learning all about the movement and shooting.  They turned the hotel MLK was shot at into part of the museum and the building across the street where the shooter was is also a museum.  You can see how they built around the original building.  That’s the bathroom the shot was fired from.


IMG_8163 IMG_8168 IMG_8159

Later that day we went to check out Beale Street and we were a little disappointed.  It was so run down, Nashville was way better.  We still walked up and down, went into some stores and got food while watching an Elvis show.  We made it an early night that day and went back to the hotel early.

IMG_8191IMG_8179 IMG_8187 IMG_8184 IMG_8182

Sunday we went to Graceland!  Majority of the reason we drove to Memphis.  We stopped at the Blue Plate Cafe on the way and tried our first biscuits and gravy and a delicious omelet.  They had such a cute menu!


IMG_8201 IMG_8198


Elvis bought his home when he was 22 for $100,000!  It’s dinky compared to what people have now and only 14 acres.

IMG_8203 IMG_8259 IMG_8267

IMG_8206 IMG_8212 IMG_8210 IMG_8209


Yuck, look that that kitchen! IMG_8234Love the teal drapes!!  IMG_8227

We couldn’t see upstairs unfortunately.  They packed us in there like cattle, they really need to come up with a better system.  But, we’re thankful because the summertime would of been horrific.  IMG_8220

Weird weird room.  I don’t know what’s going on here.


BasementIMG_8243 IMG_8241


IMG_8268 IMG_8269

Even had his own plane!  He transformed the whole inside including gold sinks in the bathroom.  Lisa Marie celebrated her 9th birthday on that plane.

IMG_8281 IMG_8288

I swear, we were either waiting in line or sitting on something hard.

IMG_8273Elvis, his parents and Grandma are all buried right there.


Some of his car collection!

IMG_8295 IMG_8304 IMG_8301 IMG_8300 IMG_8298 IMG_8297

 We drove back to Nashville (constantly tuning into AM stations to catch the Bronco game) after Elvis’ house and rushed to the Blue Bird Cafe, where countless stars were born like Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift.  It’s first come first serve and only holds about 75 people.  The first show we didn’t get in.  We came back for the later show and waiting for 1 1/2 hours and luckily got in!  It was a 3 hour amazing show with so much talent.  Perfect way to celebrate our Broncos.

IMG_8349nash14 IMG_8333

Loved all the girls so much!IMG_8329 IMG_8324Monday was our last day and we heard that we had to go to the Pancake Pantry.  23 different flavors and it was the best breakfast ever!  We had blueberry and cinnamon spice.

IMG_8350IMG_8362 IMG_8360 nash16

Afterwards we checked out the Belle Meade Plantation. It’s been around since 1807 and even had slave houses.

IMG_8397 IMG_8382

IMG_8385 IMG_8372

5 generations lived there and 24 bodies used to be in there! (until they were moved to a cemetery)IMG_8368 nash17

It was such an amazing trip I can’t believe how much stuff we were able to see!

Thanks for everything Mom! XOXO

P.S. Check out Two Way Crossing, the cutest country rock husband & wife duo!  They’re moving to Nashville to make their dreams come true!