Hi friends, family and clients! I have been keeping all your photos on my computer and hard drive since about 2012! My computer is getting sad and very full. I need room for all my weddings I still have for the rest of this year! So I will be deleting some old photos (2013 and older) and want to give everyone the opportunity to make sure they have their family’s moments documented and saved somewhere safe! I know some people have lost and misplaced their CD. PLEASE contact me if you would like a new disc of your shoots (no guarantees BUT I should have everything) I can make you a new CD for $27 (portrait/engagement/boudoir etc) and for a wedding $50 and I will send you an invoice online. I can also consolidate shoots for you if I have done maternity, newborn & 1 year. (for one price) So let’s make this happen. We’re all procrastinators but I need to get this done within the next couple weeks. If you do have your images (or when you get the disc I send you) please, please, please copy that on all your computers, hard drives and you can even upload online where they will always be safe like Shutterfly.com and order a photo book.

Love you all!


About every 4 years we’ve been getting all the Bradshaw’s together (since I was in 7th grade)! We go to a new place every time! This year was in Bend, Oregon! My brother and sister in law live close to Portland and helped set everything up. It was gorgeous and a lot like Colorado! Here’s one of the houses we stayed in! We needed 3 for all of us. We were right off a golf course!


My Dad & brother getting their fishing gear ready! IMG_5209 IMG_5951 IMG_5205

The houses were beautiful and had bikes for us to use! There were millions of trails throughout the whole area that could take you to the marina, observatory and much more! I obviously dibs this one since it’s my KB color!IMG_5203

Hot tub and home cooking every night! 2015-07-12_0011 2015-07-12_0009 2015-07-12_0008

One day we wandered around Bend and checked out their local wineries and breweries! Love the Naked Winery, we got that glass complementary and Taylor and I bought a bottle…maybe we’ll save it for our 3 year anniversary! 2015-07-12_0007

The area we were in made rules about the lights on the property. There are very few and the ones you have on your porch are pointing down in order to not obstruct the view of all the billions of stars in the sky. One night we went to the observatory and if you look closely the 2 bright dots in this picture are Venus and Saturn! Amazing. A couple nights we’d go out on the golf course and stare at the stars. You could even see the milky way! 2015-07-12_0006

We floated down the river a couple times. Too much fun! 2015-07-12_0005

Of course I was put to work with our family picture day! Look how awesome my Bradshaw family is! I also did 2 senior shoots for my cousins!IMG_6275IMG_5223

Crater Lake was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It’s the deepest lake in the US an it’s a sunken volcano! These are unedited photos – the panoramic is from a cell phone! That’s exactly what the water looks like!

20150706_1232122015-07-12_0002 2015-07-12_0001We had such an amazing time! Can’t wait for 2019!

So glad the rain stayed away the afternoon of their shoot out at Union Station! The red converse are the coolest touch and pop of color for their portraits. Everyone looked amazing! The little bear represents one of their family members who is an angel. I loved finding ways to incorporate her in all the photos. They are such a strong and beautiful family! I’m honored I could take these for them!

2015-07-26_0001 2015-07-26_0003 2015-07-26_00022015-07-26_00072015-07-26_0004 2015-07-26_00052015-07-26_0006

Baby Ellie is 1 year old! I can’t believe it. I absolutley love the colors and dresses the girls wore. We got to do all of these at their new home, right in the huge backyard! Ellie’s birthday was the day before we did these so we got to use some gifts she got and she enjoyed some cake again! Love her bright blue eyes and contageous smile!

2015-07-25_0001 2015-07-25_0008 2015-07-25_0007 2015-07-25_0006 2015-07-25_0005 2015-07-25_0004 2015-07-25_0003 2015-07-25_0002