I love having snow for pictures! These turned out so pretty! What a good looking group! Katherine & Brandon just got married in September and I’m glad we could all get back together for some more family portraits with no wedding day stress! Little Wyatt is the first grand baby and the second is due in February. I love the little hints of pink since it’s a girl!

2014-11-20_0007 2014-11-20_00062014-11-20_0008 2014-11-20_0010 2014-11-20_00092014-11-20_0011 2014-11-20_0015 2014-11-20_0014 2014-11-20_0013 2014-11-20_00122014-11-20_0016 2014-11-20_0018 2014-11-20_00172014-11-20_0019 2014-11-20_0023 2014-11-20_0022 2014-11-20_0021 2014-11-20_00202014-11-20_0024 2014-11-20_0027 2014-11-20_0026 2014-11-20_00252014-11-20_0028 2014-11-20_0030 2014-11-20_00292014-11-20_0031 2014-11-20_0033 2014-11-20_0032

It was chilly but I was so glad to see this adorable family! They are all so photogenic and Brenden did amazing! He is so well behaved and was such a trooper! Riky and Stephannie just got married over the summer and I’m so glad I could take their holiday photos for them! So cute!!

2014-11-18_0026 2014-11-18_0031 2014-11-18_0030 2014-11-18_0029 2014-11-18_0028 2014-11-18_0027

Love this beautiful group! Happy to take some portraits of Christie, Ian plus their cute fur babies! Christie had her parents come as well to get some family portraits! I love the outfits they chose! During their shoot the snow really started to come down! It looks amazing like a winter wonderland! Who is ready for Christmas now?!

2014-11-18_0032 2014-11-18_0033 2014-11-18_0034 2014-11-18_0035 2014-11-18_0036 2014-11-18_0045 2014-11-18_00372014-11-18_0038 2014-11-18_0044 2014-11-18_0043 2014-11-18_0042 2014-11-18_0041 2014-11-18_0040 2014-11-18_0039

Sweet little Vincent is adorable! He’s is the perfect combination of Mom & Dad. I was able to photograph Vincent’s birth and see him right from the beginning! Within the 5 days we waited to do these I can’t believe how much he’s already changed! He is so amazing and I love how we did some photos with Andrea’s Dad’s mementos! I love watching people become parents and stare in awe of their creation! Can’t wait to watch him grow!

2014-11-18_0002 2014-11-18_00032014-11-18_0004 2014-11-18_0007 2014-11-18_0006 2014-11-18_0005 2014-11-18_0013 2014-11-18_0012 2014-11-18_0011 2014-11-18_0010 2014-11-18_0009 2014-11-18_0008 2014-11-18_0022 2014-11-18_0023 2014-11-18_0024 2014-11-18_00252014-11-18_0014 2014-11-18_00152014-11-18_0016 2014-11-18_00172014-11-18_0018 2014-11-18_00212014-11-18_0019 2014-11-18_0020

Phoebe & Nick got married last Tuesday when we got all that snow! They said their I dos up in Breckenridge and came all the way from Pennsylvania to do so. So luckily they’re used to the weather but this was Phoebe’s first time in Colorado! While it was cold, the sun was shining and the photos turned out so beautiful with all the light reflecting off the snow and lake! Phoebe found her awesome cape on Etsy and she had a beautiful gown! They looked so great I’m so glad I could capture such an intimate ceremony for them!

2014-11-17_00332014-11-17_0034 2014-11-17_0036 2014-11-17_0035 2014-11-17_00372014-11-17_0038 2014-11-17_0041 2014-11-17_0040 2014-11-17_00392014-11-17_00422014-11-17_00432014-11-17_00442014-11-17_00452014-11-17_00462014-11-17_0047 2014-11-17_0050 2014-11-17_0049 2014-11-17_00482014-11-17_0051 2014-11-17_0055 2014-11-17_0054 2014-11-17_0053 2014-11-17_00522014-11-17_0056 2014-11-17_00572014-11-17_00582014-11-17_0059

Another gorgeous family I’m lucky to photograph! I met Keith taking headshots for his law firm Fuicelli & Lee, P.C. and I’m so glad he called me back to do family portraits! The kiddos are so cute, ages 3 and 5. We had a blast running around the park and playing with the wagon! It was a beautiful cloudy day so the lake looked amazing and their hints of purple looked great with the little bit of fall that was left!

2014-11-17_0001 2014-11-17_0005 2014-11-17_0004 2014-11-17_0003 2014-11-17_00022014-11-17_0006 2014-11-17_0011 2014-11-17_0010 2014-11-17_0009 2014-11-17_0008 2014-11-17_00072014-11-17_0012 2014-11-17_0014 2014-11-17_00132014-11-17_0015 2014-11-17_0020 2014-11-17_0019 2014-11-17_0018 2014-11-17_0017 2014-11-17_00162014-11-17_0021 2014-11-17_0023 2014-11-17_00222014-11-17_0024 2014-11-17_0029 2014-11-17_0028 2014-11-17_0027 2014-11-17_0026 2014-11-17_00252014-11-17_0030 2014-11-17_0032 2014-11-17_0031

Easton is such a cutie pie! I can’t believe he is 2 years old! He made us work for some smiles and chase him around but it was fun and we got great photos of him at this age! They are so curious, I love it. It was so beautiful before all this snow came, we planned these just in time! Easton really showed off his Bronco spirit! Enjoy!

2014-11-14_0001 2014-11-14_0005 2014-11-14_0004 2014-11-14_0003 2014-11-14_00022014-11-14_0006 2014-11-14_0008 2014-11-14_00072014-11-14_0009 2014-11-14_0016 2014-11-14_0015 2014-11-14_0014 2014-11-14_0013 2014-11-14_0012 2014-11-14_0011 2014-11-14_0010 2014-11-14_0017 2014-11-14_0018 2014-11-14_0023 2014-11-14_0022 2014-11-14_0021 2014-11-14_0020 2014-11-14_0019 2014-11-14_0024 2014-11-14_0025

I’m so glad I got all these family shoots in before this crazy snowy weather! What a gorgeous day is was in Denver! We were right in the heart of the Veterans Parade and it was pretty cool to see and entertained Landen a bit! Everyone was so stylish and had great outfits and accessories on. I especially love Landen’s shoes! He played with his train and danced to the beat of the drums (from the parade!). I love seeing them year after year!

2014-11-12_00052014-11-12_0006 2014-11-12_0007 2014-11-12_00082014-11-12_0009 2014-11-12_0010 2014-11-12_0011 2014-11-12_00122014-11-12_0013 2014-11-12_0014 2014-11-12_00152014-11-12_00162014-11-12_0017 2014-11-12_0018 2014-11-12_00192014-11-12_0020 2014-11-12_0021 2014-11-12_00222014-11-12_0023 2014-11-12_0024 2014-11-12_0025 2014-11-12_0026 2014-11-12_00272014-11-12_0028 2014-11-12_00292014-11-12_0030 2014-11-12_00312014-11-12_0032 2014-11-12_0033 2014-11-12_00342014-11-12_0035 2014-11-12_0036 2014-11-12_00372014-11-12_0038 2014-11-12_00392014-11-12_0040 2014-11-12_0043 2014-11-12_0042 2014-11-12_0041

Alright, here they are! I was just waiting for approval from Mom and Dad! Again, what a moving experience. I can’t stop thinking about everything and have been sobbing. I am so happy for Andrea and Ryan and that they allowed me to capture every single moment! Andrea endured a 28 hour labor and was a beautiful rockstar through it all. I arrived at the hospital at 7:30pm Saturday night. At that time it seems like that baby would of been there any second but that’s not the way the body works. So we all waited patiently, slept in uncomfortable positions on the floor until about 4:30am the nurse came in to check on Andrea. (Thankfully Andrea got to sleep the entire night and rest) At that time the nurse said the baby is coming and his head was right there! GO TIME!!!! I’ve never seen a room of people get into action so fast. The delivery doctor is also pregnant and due in a few weeks. She was great and Andrea only had to push 3x and Vincent John Abdulla blessed this world! He is beautiful, 7lbs 5oz and 20.5 inches long with a head of dark hair. Ryan cut the cord and Andrea got over an hour of skin to skin and breastfeeding time with her little man! 4:49am on Sunday November 9th, 2014. Congratulations!!! xoxoxo

2014-11-11_0001 2014-11-11_00022014-11-11_0003 2014-11-11_00042014-11-11_00052014-11-11_0006 2014-11-11_00082014-11-11_00072014-11-11_0009 2014-11-11_00102014-11-11_00112014-11-11_00122014-11-11_00132014-11-11_00142014-11-11_00152014-11-11_00162014-11-11_0017 2014-11-11_00182014-11-11_00192014-11-11_0020 2014-11-11_0021 2014-11-11_0022 2014-11-11_00232014-11-11_00242014-11-11_0025 2014-11-11_00262014-11-11_0027 2014-11-11_0029 2014-11-11_0028 2014-11-11_0030 2014-11-11_00312014-11-11_00322014-11-11_0033 2014-11-11_0035 2014-11-11_0034 2014-11-11_0036 2014-11-11_00372014-11-11_0038

Melanie and Jeff got married right at the very beginning of October. The first outfit is what they wore while they got married! They wanted some professional photos all dressed up and to send out for announcements. Melanie and Jeff have been dating for a long time and were excited to get some real photos done! We walked around town and got some cute shots. One shop even had some pumpkins still out for us to use!

2014-11-10_0036 2014-11-10_0037 2014-11-10_00392014-11-10_00382014-11-10_0040 2014-11-10_00412014-11-10_00422014-11-10_0043 2014-11-10_0044 2014-11-10_00452014-11-10_00462014-11-10_0047 2014-11-10_0049 2014-11-10_00482014-11-10_0050 2014-11-10_0053 2014-11-10_0052 2014-11-10_00512014-11-10_00542014-11-10_0055 2014-11-10_0056 2014-11-10_0058 2014-11-10_0059 2014-11-10_00602014-11-10_00572014-11-10_0061 2014-11-10_0063 2014-11-10_0062

Glenda found me through HerLife Magazine with my advertisement! A company she works for was also featured in the magazine. She needed some updated family portraits now that Brett is in their lives! A beautiful little five month old! His formal shirt has a tie and suspenders printed on it! So cute! We still were able to play in the leaves as well! So nice meeting this family!

2014-11-10_0001 2014-11-10_0004 2014-11-10_0003 2014-11-10_00022014-11-10_0005 2014-11-10_0008 2014-11-10_0007 2014-11-10_00062014-11-10_0009 2014-11-10_0013 2014-11-10_0012 2014-11-10_0011 2014-11-10_00102014-11-10_0014 2014-11-10_0016 2014-11-10_00152014-11-10_0017 2014-11-10_0020 2014-11-10_0019 2014-11-10_00182014-11-10_0021 2014-11-10_0023 2014-11-10_00222014-11-10_0024 2014-11-10_0027 2014-11-10_0026 2014-11-10_00252014-11-10_0028 2014-11-10_0030 2014-11-10_00292014-11-10_0031 2014-11-10_0035 2014-11-10_0034 2014-11-10_0033 2014-11-10_0032