So happy for this sweet family!! Their little girl will be here in a few short weeks, maybe earlier! Caleb and Payton are so excited to be a big brother and sister! They did so good for pictures. Krysta looks so stunning and her dress was perfect for portraits! Can’t wait to meet her!

2017-01-13_0006 2017-01-13_0005 2017-01-13_0004 2017-01-13_0003 2017-01-13_0002

I love winter engagement sessions! Rebecca really wanted snow for their shoot. We had to postpone our first shoot date because of negative temps. Which worked out great because we got a ton of snow just a couple days before this shoot! I love the green colors they wore! Brad was fighting a cold (like me) but you can’t even tell!! Love the images we got!

2017-01-12_0022 2017-01-12_0029 2017-01-12_0028 2017-01-12_0027 2017-01-12_0026 2017-01-12_0025 2017-01-12_0024 2017-01-12_0023

Such a cutie!! I love his big eyes and long eyelashes. Colin came to my studio on his birthday! We got some cute pictures of him in my studio and we even did a cake smash!

2017-01-12_0030 2017-01-12_0031 2017-01-12_0032
2017-01-12_0033 2017-01-12_0034

Just like that 2016 is over! Another great year with beautiful weddings and amazing clients! Here are some random unedited behind the scenes photos. We don’t have too many but you can look at previous years below that are pretty funny.




Found the spot for the first look!


9x out of 10 my Mom will end up getting you into your dress! Because she’s a seamstress and just knows what she’s doing. img_0053 img_0079 img_0098 img_0152 img_0168 img_0169 img_0190
img_0196 img_0200 img_0237

Spot for family photos. Test shot!img_0293

Yep, I clearly love my job.img_0309 img_0310 img_0311 img_0334 img_0341

Literally being attacked by a thousand wasps.img_0342 img_0347

Ooooo those look good.img_0381img_0383

Just one little bite!! img_0382 Chillin with Elvis. Yes that’s literally his name.
img_0387 img_0445 img_0447 img_0607

Let the party begin!img_0807 img_0824
img_1189 img_4480
img_7550 img_9529 img_9558 img_9848 img_9849

Always helping my brides. Cheers to a great wedding season!! img_9969