These kiddos just melt me! They are so cute! Brooklyn is 3 and Mason is 7 months! Their eyes are amazing and Brooklyn is so sweet with her little brother who gave me nothing but huge smiles! Thankful for yet another afternoon with no rain! They’re a baseball family so I love incorporating the jersey and bat into some photos! Enjoy!

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I love this beautiful family! I’ve been doing Ava’s pictures since she was around 6 months old! Now she’s 3 and cuter than ever with a new baby sister, Emelia! She’s was 19 days new in these. With her hair, looks like she’s taking after Daddy! The best of both worlds! We took some cute newborn portraits inside plus some sibling ones then we went outside to get family and Ava’s 3 year portraits, I love her flower headband!

2015-05-11_00212015-05-15_00042015-05-15_0005 2015-05-15_00062015-05-15_00102015-05-15_0007 2015-05-15_0008 2015-05-15_00092015-05-15_00112015-05-15_0011 2015-05-15_00122015-05-15_0013 2015-05-15_00162015-05-15_00172015-05-15_0014 2015-05-15_00152015-05-15_00182015-05-15_0019 2015-05-15_0022 2015-05-15_0021 2015-05-15_0020

Gorgeous family! I love photographing these guys! Grayson is so handsome and is the perfect combination of the two of them. Dad’s hair and Mama’s eyes! Thankful again the rain stayed away for us to get these cute portraits while they were in town! Grayson is awesome and was up for anything. He held his “1″ sign perfectly and was in awe of the bubbles flying and landing in the grass!

2015-05-12_0001 2015-05-12_0004 2015-05-12_0003 2015-05-12_00022015-05-12_00152015-05-12_0005 2015-05-12_0006 2015-05-12_00142015-05-12_0007 2015-05-12_00082015-05-12_0009 2015-05-12_0013 2015-05-12_0012 2015-05-12_0011 2015-05-12_0010

I loved seeing so many of my photos shared today for Mother’s Day! Some were even printed, framed and gifted! I treated my one-of-a-kind Mama to a yummy brunch at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park! It was beautiful up there!

2015-05-10_00132015-05-10_00072015-05-10_0008 2015-05-10_00092015-05-10_00102015-05-10_00112015-05-10_0012

Those stormy days couldn’t keep us from doing these fun engagement portraits! We’re so happy the rain held off for us. Megan & Fabien are too cute for words! Megan had some wonderful ideas and her sign is handmade! I love her dress and other colorful outfits. They’ve been dating a couple years and got engaged very recently. I’m so glad I could take these for them! Congrats!

2015-05-11_00012015-05-11_0002 2015-05-11_0004 2015-05-11_00032015-05-11_00052015-05-11_0006 2015-05-11_00072015-05-11_00082015-05-11_00092015-05-11_0010 2015-05-11_00112015-05-11_0012 2015-05-11_0015 2015-05-11_0014 2015-05-11_00132015-05-11_0016 2015-05-11_00172015-05-11_0018 2015-05-11_00192015-05-11_0020