I don’t think I’ve ever shared any pictures or anything about our home! So here it goes! It’s been a work in progress. At that time we were house shopping I was about to graduate from college as well as get married later that year. All while my husband and I started our own businesses! Needless to say we were very busy and decorating was far from a priority. Which is okay! The accomplishment of getting a home is huge. Don’t feel like you need to furnish the entire thing the moment you move in. You’ll break the bank! Besides, how often are you really going to be having people over?

We count our blessings everyday and the timeliness of all the events in our lives. After living in an apartment for a year and a half we were getting real annoyed with management and sick of throwing our money into…nothing. So we had VERY serious conversations with both sets of parents and started planning what’s best for us two crazy kids. My father-in-law was a real estate broker. We obviously went to him and our search was on! 2012 was the best year to buy a home. The prices were so low and it was easy to get into something (count your blessings!) it was rough finding a place. With low credit (because our age) and the price range we were in left with little options. We didn’t want to be in an old run down house so that left us looking at town homes and duplexes. I saw our house pop up with nothing but an exterior picture. We almost didn’t even go to it. But when we did…WOW! There were 3 foreclosures before us then a company purchased it and flipped it. Leaving us lucky ducks with new hardwood floors, new carpet, brand new appliances and granite countertops! We were sold. 2015-03-21_0020

Our kitchen is one of my favorite places. I love the pop of red and dark cabinets (although it gets no light and it’s very dark). Take a look around though, something that I hate is we only have ONE DRAWER…ONE. It’s the narrowest drawer too so our silverware is on the counter hidden by the fridge in this pic. Who thinks to look at that when buying a home?! We also don’t have a pantry so our lazy susan and cabinet above is filled with food. We’ve made it work! My Mom and I did the back splash a few months back. We went with something simple since the countertops are so textured. Love how it turned out!


The EAT I made myself with supplies from Michael’s. Buy the letters, any kind of scrapbook paper and modge podge it together! Bam!2015-03-21_0030

Goodman’s for the fork and spoon. Hobby Lobby for the Love sign.2015-03-21_00322015-03-21_0021The carpet (Walmart) under the table changed this room drastically. It used to be green and smaller making this area look tiny. The rug made it look so much more open and I think the design helps too. 2015-03-21_0022

Everyone has room for a wedding wall! Frames purchased at Walmart. Again, you don’t have to break the bank.


Since I went super cheap on decorations (because I literally cannot spend money on things like that) we make up for it in our artwork! I LOVE our investments on the wall. Adrienne Lewis Paintings has changed so much in our home and our hearts. Obsessed over our portrait of Kitty and my father-in-law.

I love you more pillow from Gordman’s. About $8. Couch, rug, ottoman from American Furniture.  2015-03-21_0024

Stool from Gordman’s we have 2 I think they were $24 a piece. Standing paper lamp from Walmart about $30! 2015-03-21_0025

I love my Nature Box order and keeping healthy snacks out. The candles and vase on the left are both decorations from our wedding (Hobby Lobby)! Coasters were a wedding gift from Etsy!2015-03-21_0026

On the left, frame from Hobby Lobby ($10) sun and moon were a gift. On the right the B was from Michael’s and spray painted by my Mom for our wedding. The love is kind verse I found at Walmart ($3) and mirror from Gordman’s ($8) Shelves from Ikea around ($10) Curtains and rods are also from Walmart only $13 a panel, they’re sheer but works since they’re just decoration. 2015-03-21_0027

Still love my oil diffuser! Find one on Amazon they have a million kinds. Smells so good and relaxes you! I found Burt’s Bees candles and wax melts at Walmart for under $3! 2015-03-21_0028

Sticks from my parents backyard I randomly threw in a corner. Painting from Gorman’s and I just set up this little coffee station in the corner! I love it! Coffee basket made by my Mom! The coffee stand saves a lot of counter space.2015-03-21_0029

As you head up or down the stairs we have my father-in-laws artwork hanging. He used to paint ALL the time in his 20′s. We love it!2015-03-21_0033

This is where you’ll find Beeb 95% of the day (if we’re working or gone) our room is the least decorated room in the house. I need to do something above the bed. 2015-03-21_0034

For Taylor’s Bday 2 years ago I surprised him with a work station. I’m eager to declutter this once the basement is finished. I want a big bookshelf down there we can put all the Vemma product on and make it look really nice! Shelf and desk from American Furniture.2015-03-21_0035

Taylor’s cousins artwork and the figuriens on the left we collect from our vacations. His little sister got us some too when she was in Europe last summer! 2015-03-21_0036

Here’s our bathroom. Nothing too exciting it’s grey and purple. Shower curtain from Ikea and our kleenex holder and all that is from Bed Bath and Beyond. 2015-03-21_0045

Very simple guest bedroom. This is actually where we slept for about the first year of living here. We purchased a king size bed frame for the master but didn’t have the money to get a mattress. My Mom made the curtains and artwork above the bed. Lamp is vintage (glass) from my grandparents! This is where I’ll host boudoir sessions! 2015-03-21_0047

Guest bathroom has a little bit of a beachy feel with the colors teal and brown. Beach picture is from my mother-in-law. Towels and curtains Bed Bath and Beyond. 2015-03-21_0046

Now for my favorite and most decorated room in the house…my KB office! I need to update the pictures, they are SO old and some of them I was a second shooter. Shelves are from Ikea, frames were a collection from a lot of things and then spray painted grey. Vases on the left I got for .99 at the thrift store and spray painted. Heart arrow sign was from Hobby Lobby.2015-03-21_0038

And this is where you’ll find Kitty 95% of the day…lazy.2015-03-21_0037

My Mom put petals from my wedding bouquet in that little jar!2015-03-21_0044

The pine cone was our guest gifts at our wedding (they’re ornaments). The KB canvas was from an amazing bride from last year, clock was from Target and mirror was from At Home! All under $20 a piece! 2015-03-21_0043

Candle was a gift, the vase my Mom painted and the gold filler is from At Home. Wine bottle was a gift from my Mom for our fist anniversary (that’s us on the label!). Our cake topper I use as decoration as well. 2015-03-21_0042

& sign from Hobby Lobby, mugs from Big Lots and I stenciled with sharpie. Again another wedding decoration, our unity sand which included both sets of parents. Very close to our hearts! 2015-03-21_0041

My Mom made the blue fabric piece. The other panel is from Bed Bath and Beyond (went cheap and only bought one, looks cool!) I got the chair Kitty is on for $5 at a thrift store and actually reupholstered it myself (crazy I know) My awesome KB cork board was a graduation gift!2015-03-21_0040

Desk is from Ikea ($112) chairs are hand me downs from my Mom (another thing I think I want in the basement) and the awesome dresser was actually my great grandparents that was in my nursery. My Mom painted it and made it look distressed, I love it so much!2015-03-21_0039

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the Brewer household! If you have any questions leave a comment!

I love this little family! They are all so photogenic. Little Madison did amazing and just watched everything I did and loved to play with Daddy’s cowboy hat! I love how this shoot reflects everything they love! It was a beautiful day and the wind sure did work in our favor with Caitlin’s gorgeous long hair!

2015-03-26_0001 2015-03-26_0003 2015-03-26_00022015-03-26_0004 2015-03-26_00052015-03-26_0006 2015-03-26_0009 2015-03-26_0008 2015-03-26_00072015-03-26_00102015-03-26_0011 2015-03-26_0013 2015-03-26_00122015-03-26_00142015-03-26_0015 2015-03-26_0017 2015-03-26_00162015-03-26_0018 2015-03-26_00192015-03-26_00202015-03-26_0021 2015-03-26_0023 2015-03-26_00222015-03-26_0024 2015-03-26_0026 2015-03-26_00252015-03-26_00272015-03-26_0028 2015-03-26_0030 2015-03-26_0029

I think this might be my first maternity session with a little (little!) one! Avery is almost two. She’s at such a fun age. Can you believe how cute and stylish she is?! Baby scarves, I about died…and the pigtails! Avery’s new BFF will be here soon! We had such a gorgeous weekend for photos. This cute family has only been in Colorado five years so I’m glad we went on our adventure to the mountains!

2015-03-21_0001 2015-03-21_0004 2015-03-21_00052015-03-21_0002 2015-03-21_00032015-03-21_0006 2015-03-21_0007 2015-03-21_00082015-03-21_0009 2015-03-21_00102015-03-21_0011 2015-03-21_00122015-03-21_0013 2015-03-21_00142015-03-21_0015 2015-03-21_00162015-03-21_0017 2015-03-21_0019 2015-03-21_0018

How to prep for your shoot with KB Digital Designs. This goes for any kind of shoot: engagement, maternity, family or headshots.  Photo shoots are so much fun and a way to really show off your personality and relationship with the ones you love most!  Typically photos are done once a year so make it a big deal!  Get dolled up, prep your kids (or husbands ;) ), think of fun ideas and let’s have a blast!


Choose outfits that coordinate with one another but aren’t matchy matchy. An easy tip for doing this is to pick 2-3 colors and work off that. Find something that is a good representation of you. Pick colors you like and styles you love. Comfort is the most important part; if ya feel good, ya look good. Most importantly, enjoy this time together. 2014-12-18_0002


Layer & Accessorize

Layering and accessorizing can be used as a cheat tool which can help you to coordinate as well! Hats, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, belts, watches and headbands are great options to show style and personality. Vests, ties, cardigans, jackets or a sweater are good layering. Wear some color/patterns.  Solid darker shades are always flattering; while white and black can leave photos looking generic and very plain. Including some vibrancy in the mix. Avoid crazy patterns, plaid/stripes/polka dots/floral is the best way to go.  Accessorizing is another way to bring color through. Using a bold cardigan, scarf or belt can add that color pop if you prefer plain white or black attire.

IMG_5601 2015-03-10_0015


Hair & Makeup

Pamper yourself!  Feel beautiful for photos!  Get a manicure, curl your hair, wear a little extra makeup and lip color/shine!  Even consider getting your hair and makeup done.  You can even try to schedule your wedding day trial makeup that day!  I would style your hair how you normally wear it, same goes for your makeup with just a tad bit more mascara and eyeliner.2014-12-18_0003

Plan something fun

Going to a location or adding props that hold meaning to you as a couple/family makes your  shoot that much better. Did you guys meet at a cool coffee shop? Do you have any favorite activities or love sports? Like to go fishing as a family? Settings like this and bringing props will allow you to interact more naturally. The feelings and memories associated with that spot can have a huge impact on your shoot. The possibilities are endless. I’ve had previous couples bring lassos, horseshoes and even props for a picnic scene. Personalizing your shoot is my favorite part; I encourage you to look within yourself and find2014-12-18_0005


Oh I’m so happy for these two! Stephany’s sister just had her baby in November (who I did the photography for) and now it’s Steph’s turn! Little Baby H will be here in the middle of April! Him and Vincent will be best buds! I’ve known Steph since preschool. I’m so honored I could take these for them! Steph and Zach are high school sweethearts and are eager to start this next chapter in their lives. She brought amazing props/ideas and the cutest outfits! Thank you Colorado for a gorgeous day and gorgeous sunlight!2015-03-10_0001

2015-03-10_0002 2015-03-10_00032015-03-10_0004 2015-03-10_00052015-03-10_0006 2015-03-10_0008 2015-03-10_00072015-03-10_00092015-03-10_00122015-03-10_0010 2015-03-10_00112015-03-10_00132015-03-10_0014 2015-03-10_00152015-03-10_0016 2015-03-10_0018 2015-03-10_00172015-03-10_00192015-03-10_00202015-03-10_00222015-03-10_0023 2015-03-06_00012015-03-10_0024 2015-03-10_0026 2015-03-10_0025