Ooooo I love a baby with lots of rolls and big cheeks! Lincoln is a little miracle baby! We had such a great time in my studio! Once he fell asleep we could do so much with him and stick him in the cute basket! We even got a few smiles!

img_6593 img_6790 img_6760 img_6725 img_6701 img_6689 img_6654 img_6604

So happy for Mike & Lauren! I shot their wedding and I’m so glad I could capture some of these first moments at home with sweet Leighton. She is SO cute!! She wanted to stay awake and not miss her newborn session. We got her to pass out right at the end and did some cute stuff in her bunny outfit.

img_6798 img_6987 img_6978 img_6919 img_6877 img_6866 img_6858 img_6844

Congrats to these two high school sweethearts! Brittni & Derik are such a cute couple! We had a beautiful evening taking their engagement portraits. We started at a pond to get some green and some trees. Then we were off to chase the sunset. We had to get some cool shots with their car. Awesome shoot!!

img_3836 img_4204 img_4188 img_4169 img_4116 img_4095 img_4070 img_4043 img_4021 img_3995 img_3982 img_3941 img_3932 img_3922 img_3899

I love doing extended family portraits. They had family in town from California and had a huge barbecue at the house! We took some large family portraits and ones of each individual family. Plus grandkid photos and great grandkids! So special!

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