Beautiful winter wedding! Katie looked so stunning and her dress was perfect for her snowy winter wedding! Everyone spent the entire day at the venue having fun and getting ready. Katie & Brendan exchanged handwritten letters before the ceremony and waited to see each other until she walked down the aisle! The bridesmaids dresses were a beautiful sage green and looked amazing against the snow. Katie wore her Great Grandmother’s ring and mink coat – amazing! Every detail was perfect. The reception was beautifully decorated and there were pies for dessert! Yum!

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Sweet Louciana was 12 days new for her newborn portraits last week! She is the cutest with her plump cheeks and all that hair! She slept so much and was easy to soothe when we needed to. I love all the cute headbands her parent’s brought and she even smiled a couple times for me! Enjoy!


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Little Colin was 12 days new when we took these last week! He is too cute with so much hair! I love how Clyde has blonde hair and Colin has dark hair! Clyde is just learning how to smile on command and it’s so cute!! Colin didn’t want to miss his first photo shoot so he stayed awake with us! We used the letter blocks in Clyde’s 1 year pics as well.2016-01-27_0001

2016-01-27_0002 2016-01-27_0003 2016-01-27_0004 2016-01-27_0005 2016-01-27_0006 2016-01-27_00072016-01-19_0011

So much fun in Breckenridge over the weekend! Loved seeing Caity & Cory and getting to meet their cute pups, Quaker and Granby. Granby is named after where they got married! Fresh snow fell the night before our shoot and we explored around the area! I love Caity’s bright pants against the snow! Caity & Cory just celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary in August and next month they’ll be together a total of 10 years! Love my high school sweetheart couples!

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