WOW what a beautiful day and stunning couple! Nothing beats the Denver views and all the glass windows. Such a dream. Emily & Josh are so unbelievably cute. He’s in the army and she’s and ER nurse. They’ve been dating a while now including long distance while Josh was deployed for 7 months. They cannot wait for their Christmas wedding this year and their next journey of moving states and living together! I love all the props and ideas they brought. This was such a fun and spontaneous shoot! Enjoy!

2015-04-25_0001 2015-04-25_00022015-04-25_00032015-04-25_00062015-04-25_00042015-04-25_00072015-04-25_00082015-04-25_0012 2015-04-25_0013 2015-04-25_0011 2015-04-25_0010 2015-04-25_00092015-04-25_0014 2015-04-25_00152015-04-25_0016 2015-04-25_00172015-04-25_0018 2015-04-25_0020 2015-04-25_00192015-04-25_0021 2015-04-25_00222015-04-25_0023 2015-04-25_00242015-04-25_0025 2015-04-25_0026


Such a fun Alice, tea party inspired bridal shower! All the girls dressed up and Golden arrived in a huge blue tulle skirt with a lace crop top. She looked amazing! The sun was shining and everything was decorated so perfectly. Everyone got their own personal tea cup (that they could take home) there was a beautiful cake and cupcakes made by her good friend and a photo booth area! She had the magazines laid out that her engagement shoot was published in and the guestbook was a tea pot! Now this is how you celebrate!2015-04-21_0003

2015-04-21_0004 2015-04-21_0005 2015-04-21_00062015-04-21_0007 2015-04-21_0008 2015-04-21_00092015-04-21_0009 2015-04-21_0010 2015-04-21_0011 2015-04-21_0012 2015-04-21_00132015-04-21_0014 2015-04-21_00152015-04-21_0016 2015-04-21_0020 2015-04-21_0019 2015-04-21_0018 2015-04-21_00172015-04-21_0017 2015-04-21_0020 2015-04-21_0019 2015-04-21_00182015-04-21_00222015-04-21_0021 2015-04-21_00232015-04-21_0024 2015-04-21_0027 2015-04-21_0026 2015-04-21_0025 2015-04-21_0028 2015-04-21_00292015-04-21_0030 2015-04-21_0036 2015-04-21_0035 2015-04-21_0034 2015-04-21_0033 2015-04-21_0032 2015-04-21_00312015-04-21_00372015-04-21_0038

I had such a great time being surprised with Genni & Chad while they were in town. I took their engagement photos a couple years ago and now they’re welcoming a little one into the world soon. They popped a balloon which told us the gender of the baby! Brings tears to my eyes! Enjoy!


Spring is here and things are looking green and babies are about to be born! Really thankful for a gorgeous day to do their maternity portraits. Ciara and Steve are so excited to welcome a little boy into the world very soon, Caiden! Little Steven cannot wait to be a big brother. He did so good during our shoot. He is in kindergarten and Ciara brought a book along for a prop and Steven actually read us a couple pages. It’s so cute to hear someone learning how to read! I love this shoot and all their fun props!2015-04-20_0003

2015-04-20_00022015-04-20_0004 2015-04-20_0005 2015-04-20_00062015-04-20_0007 2015-04-20_00082015-04-20_0009 2015-04-20_00102015-04-20_0011 2015-04-20_00122015-04-20_0013 2015-04-20_0014

Before there were cell phones (well, I wasn’t allowed to have one in 7th grade) and before there was Facebook you enjoyed your moments with just your family…and a film camera. I couldn’t update my status or snap chat a picture to my friends. It was just us.

I begged my parent’s for what felt like years to get a dog. A black lab like the one (I LOVED) that lived across the street. So finally 7th grade summer my parents caved. We looked in the NEWSPAPER for an ad for puppies. There was a litter in Lakewood with 3 or 4 girls left. I wanted a girl (again like the one across the street). I was a little bummed they were 11 weeks old because that seemed huge, not like when most people get their puppies at 6 or 8 weeks and can fit in their hand. We arrived at the house where they had all the puppies in the front yard. I opened my car door to find one little black puppy waiting to greet me. There was no way to keep them identified and know which one I wanted. I got really confused and it was hard to make a decision. Then my Dad reminded me of the little puppy who greeted me.  Isn’t that the rule? Take the one that comes up to you first? I thought it was a great idea but how do I know which one she is?! My Dad noticed at that time she had dried mud on one of her back paws. That was my new dog, my new best friend, sister…my Sami.


Sam had many names. Sami, Sami Wami, Sama Wama, Samantha Jean but her registered name…Samantha the Dutchess of Broomfield…for real!


We did everything together! Bike rides, scooter and she’d pull me on my roller blades. She told on me when I first snuck out of the house, she was there for me every day after school, my high school graduation, college graduation and so much more.sam4


Sami dominated her puppy training classes. She could sit, stay, come, shake (both paws) and speak! sam10

Sami wams was the most expensive puppy. First off she’s purebred with papers. Then she cut her paws about 4 different times on the edging in the back yard. Hence the cone! She also always seemed to have a UTI as a pup and she also blew her knee out and needed an intense surgery with screws. Shesh. (Thanks Mom & Dad!)sam9

Water therapy after her knee surgery.


Here’s the black lab, Tasha, from across the street. The reason I needed my own! Sam doubled in size compared to her! She was 98lbs!sam8

Teaching Sami how to swim was so much fun. She was terrified at first but I helped her.

I loved carrying her on my shoulders! This ended probably at a year. She grew so fast.2015-04-17_0001

sam11 sam12 sam14

If you don’t know about Dog Days at The Bay in Broomfield…look into it!!!! sam152015-04-17_0002 sam18 sam22

She always made Mother’s Day pictures so fun. For the last almost 5 years my Mom and Sam were best friends since I moved out. She was so spoiled with walks all the time, dessert (treats) after dinner every night and a beautiful yard to protect from squirrels and cats! Plus endless love and belly rubs!

IMG_6505 IMG_6507

Sam may have been part of the spark for my photography love. She was the best most beautiful model. She and my husband were the faces of all my photography homework especially in my film classes. Below is a film image. sam16

Then I went digital. Love these.

f14948520 f14974120IMG_3579IMG_3583

IMG_3586IMG_0554 IMG_3584

Her eyes were SO cool!IMG_3581

So…I am extremely depressed to say Sami is in doggy Heaven as of yesterday afternoon. Barely a grey hair on her and just shy of 11 years old. My first dog, my bff and the sweetest goofiest girl in the world! She had so much life in her and she’ll forever be missed.