I loved working with Table 6 Productions for Rachel & Brad’s beautiful wedding. The getting ready rompers for the bridesmaids and bride were to die for! Rachel looked flawless…she and Brad work in the aerospace industry. During the ceremony guests had air rockets to shoot off during the kiss! There were so many other cool “space” touches like the cake topper “to the moon and back,” the chandeliers representing bright stars and dancing to rocket man for the mother son dance. They had yummy bundt cakes and a huge cookie bar with cookies recipes from the entire family! The day could’ve been better!


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It was so nice to get away for 8 days! My husband and I traveled with my girlfriend Jenna and her sister Sara! Their Grandpa has a condo in Venice so free lodging sounded fantastic! We took a red eye flight on Frontier. Crazy decision since you lose time and Frontiers new planes seriously suck. It was impossible to sleep, the chairs are horrible! So we landed at 4:55am and went straight at it! We flew into Miami so we could drive through the Everglades and hit the Keys for a snorkeling trip!


We got to the Everglades around 8 or 9am which was perfect time for the animals to be out! We had some close encounters with Alligators. Taylor got pretty close, at his own risk, but Alligators can run pretty fast so be careful! 2015-08-18_00082015-08-18_0009

There were so many cool birds always out! We saw this one eating tons of bugs! 2015-08-18_0010

Wish we had these trees in Colorado!2015-08-18_0011

It looks beautiful but we had a can of bug spray on! The bugs were horrible and we still got eaten alive!2015-08-18_0012

After that we went to the John Pennenkamp Coral Reef State Park to snorkel! The weather was pretty cloudy and windy while we were out there so the water was really choppy and hard to swim in. It was still really cool, saw tons of fish and they even have a cool statue under water! 2015-08-18_0013GOPR3028Here’s the condo and the awesome view from the lanai!

We took a day off to catch up on some sleep and grocery shop. On Wednesday we drove to Orlando for Universal Studios! We couldn’t wait for Harry Potter land! That is such an expensive trip I don’t know how big families do it. Even Disney Land was too expensive for this trip. We got express passes (to skip the line) which we all HIGHLY recommend. We did everything in one day! We skipped hours worth of lines, it was so worth it and not too expensive to add onto your ticket. 2015-08-18_0019

We went to the Harry Potter part first which had the best rides out of the entire park! We had a backpack to hold a few things and we would have to put them in lockers before some rides. They’re free and work great, little frustrating navigating though hundreds of people. We even road the Hogwarts Express (takes you back and forth between the 2 parks). 2015-08-18_00202015-08-18_0018

Our other favorite ride was THE MUMMY! The best ever. It’s the only ride we hoped back in line right after we went! 2015-08-18_0015

You can get a wand like Harry! So cool. Some are interactive and do magic inside the park! 2015-08-18_0016

Gringotts was another awesome ride. They didn’t allow the express passes and it’s the one ride that shut down on us and we waiting about 1.5 hours! But again, worth it! Loved this ride and at least the line has you walking through the movie! 2015-08-18_0017

Simpson’s ride was an hour+ wait, look at the line we passed.2015-08-18_0021

Disgusting doughnut as big as my hand! That’s all the 4 of us could eat. 2015-08-18_0022

Camera shop I had to get a picture in front of the aperture! 2015-08-18_0023

We got to celebrate my birthday while we were out there! The night leading into my birthday was so much fun! Definitely one of the best days (besides Universal) then we all went out to eat at Sharky’s! It was so good! We also took some fun portraits at the pier! 2015-08-18_00242015-08-18_00252015-08-18_00262015-08-18_00272015-08-18_0028

Little snails outside the condo. There were huge bugs, spiders, frogs, birds and alligators too!2015-08-18_0030

This was such an amazing trip! I will never forget it! Best birthday ever as well! 2015-08-18_0029

Beautiful wedding out at Lake McConaughy! It was hot and beautiful out by the water where they like to spend their summers! I love the touches of purple – everyone looked so good! Brandy & Nick are high school sweethearts adn couldn’t be more in love! After the ceremony the bridal party got on a pontoon boat and got out on the water (me included)! The outdoor reception was fun, everyone danced and had such a great time! Nothing beats one of those sunsets!

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