How good looking is this couple!? Plus their two amazing pups?! Emily & Josh got married in December. Josh is being deployed soon so we wanted to get another round of pictures in (with the dogs)! This early morning shoot came together perfectly and we didn’t even plan on using the truck until the end when my wheels got turning. I love the bow sticker on the truck with the American flag. This shoot was SO amazing!!!

IMG_9619 IMG_9918 IMG_9901 IMG_9839 IMG_9817 IMG_9795 IMG_9679 IMG_9664 IMG_9657

WOW!!! Amazing senior session with French! She is so pretty…brought great colorful outfits and her letterman’s jacket and poms gear. She really wanted the forest look and I think we nailed it! So much fun spending time with her and her sweet family. Thanks team for helping with the bags/props and tent! Enjoy!! <3

 IMG_8849IMG_8868 IMG_9157 IMG_9130 IMG_9097 IMG_8989 IMG_8976 IMG_8938 IMG_8900

Such a cute family!!! I got to take their wedding photos and I love getting to watch their family grow! Grayson is so cute. I love the ones inside their home and on the buffalo hide. Little Madison let us get a handful of photos with her and she would show me Grayson’s “tiny hands and tiny toes.” So happy for this family!

 IMG_8482 IMG_8721 IMG_8656 IMG_8631 IMG_8578 IMG_8548 IMG_8532 IMG_8525 IMG_8514 IMG_8509 IMG_8496