Little Auggie is the cutest! I can’t believe he’s 1 year old, I feel like I just did his newborn portraits. He is so cute and smiley! Both set of Grandparents were able to joing for these which makes me so happy! Can’t forget the pup Ruthie! She always does so good for pictures! Love seeing these guys. Red Rocks was once again a perfect setting for these!

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The cutest litle family! It’s been a couple years since we last did portraits! Gianna is now in Kindergarten and loving cheerleading and Houston is showing us what it’s like to be 3! They’re too cute. They showed up with a ’57 Thunderbird which made pictures that much more fun! I love the bright colors the girls wore and our backdrop! Enjoy!

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Oh little tiny Addison is so cute! She’s 1 week new here. We took her newborn portraits at home with a blanket that Grandma made her and a wagon that was a gift! Her big sister McKayla got to takesome with her as well!

2015-06-30_0020 2015-06-30_0024 2015-06-30_0023 2015-06-30_0022 2015-06-30_00212015-06-30_0025 2015-06-30_0027 2015-06-30_00262015-06-30_0028 2015-06-30_00292015-06-30_0030 2015-06-30_0031 2015-06-30_0032

Absolutely in love with this engagement session in Boulder! It was unbelievably hot but these two rocked it, all their outfits were amazing! Caitlin looked so beautiful and they made my job easy! They’re from Texas and came into town to see some friends and get their portraits done! And yes they flew with all their props and outfits! Enjoy going through them!!

2015-06-30_0001 2015-06-30_0005 2015-06-30_0004 2015-06-30_0003 2015-06-30_00022015-06-30_0006 2015-06-30_0009 2015-06-30_0008 2015-06-30_00072015-06-30_0010 2015-06-30_0013 2015-06-30_0012 ment Session : Caitlin & Johon 2015-06-30_0011 2015-06-30_00152015-06-30_0016 2015-06-30_00192015-06-30_0017 2015-06-30_0018

Windsong Estate in Ft. Collins in a stunning venue full of windows and chandeliers. Janine and TJ had it decorated so elegantly with tons of candles and flowers all over the tables. Their cake was just as stunning. All the details were perfect. Janine and TJ got married in Italy a month or so ago and this was a reception for all their friends and family at home. It was a perfect evening with toasts, good food and lots of dancing! Loved working with Batter Up Cakes and Paul Wood Florist.

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