You know that one job…the worst job you’ve EVER had?  The one that is pure torture?  Mine was at a hotel.  But there’s always something good you can take out of every situation, even the bad ones.  That’s how I found Kim, a warm hearted, always smiling, happy individual – turned best friend.

Words from the future bride:

Dane and I met in Fort Collins, CO in 2009 at a local country bar. I was there for school and he would make the 1.5 hour drive from Denver to visit friends and line dance. For the first few weeks we had a standing date every Tuesday to meet there to dance and talk. I knew it was fate when we talked about what I would do once I graduated, and we discovered I was moving into a house about a mile from him in Denver!

The Shoot:
We or I should say I, (Dane said “just tell me when, where, and what I’m wearing”) wanted our engagement pictures to hold memories of the beginning of our relationship, and they came together beautifully, holding even more memories then we expected! The white dress with boots is the outfit I wore on the night we met. Our photographer unknowingly suggested we take pictures on “beautiful trail”, which happend to be the trail by our first apartment we had together where we would walk our dog, Layla. The pictures with the Rocky Mountains are in a field by our townhome that we live in now. The view still takes my breath away daily! I also brought items from my past to help tie it all together. The books were my grandmother’s, who passed away a few years ago, and the horse shoe belonged to the horse from my childhood. Our photographer, Katie of KB Digital Designs, was amazing and brought all of it together to create pictures we can look back on for years to come and remember the very beginning!




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