Kim & Dane kept their wedding small, simple and very family oriented.  After toying around with some ideas of a huge over the top wedding, or getting married in a park, or on a cruise or just the court house – the perfect idea finally came together.  A backyard pig roast.  The wedding was kept small so they could enjoy their 10 day Mediterranean cruise!!!!! What?!? No fair!!!!  It all came together perfectly.  Started off the day just Kim & I getting her hair done a Aveda Salon, followed by makeup there as well.  Back at her parents’ house Kim got in her gown and we were off to Roxborough State Park for the ceremony.  The park is gorgeous, just like Red Rocks.  After the ceremony Kim had read that there is a 1/2 mile hike to an overlook.  Kim is the craziest yet most awesome bride, ever!!!  Middle of July, stinkin’ hot, we treked it up to the top, we passed millions of hikers and kids were thinking she was a princess.  By the time we made it to the top I was the one, “I’m hot, I’m hungry, I’m hot” – “Do you guys need to get in the shade for a minute, here let’s find some shade.”  Kim could care less about shade, she was ready to rock!  Having no bridal party we were able to take pictures for what felt like forever.  It honestly was perfect.

Back at her parents house the piggy had been cooking way.  It was setup like an open house, people could come and go as they pleased. Guests changed into their blue jeans, grabbed a beer and just enjoyed this time they had to relax.     Kim & Dane were able to spend quality time with each individual.  Pretty soon the pig was ready – what a cool experience to see how it gets cooked and cut up.  Dane trying some pig tounge – no thank you!  The bride and groom enjoyed the best part of the pig, the ribs.

The newlyweds ended their perfect day at the Oxford Hotel.

I wish you guys all the happiness in the world!!!! Thank you for sharing your day with me!!


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