How amazing would it be to experience pregnancy at the same time with your sister?! These two beautiful ladies are due within about a month of each other. Caley on right right is farther along and Carly on the left is making twins!! I love all the fun props they brought along and a lot of them were handmade by their Aunt. Everyone is so excited and I can’t wait for the newborn sessions!

Give me a gorgeous family, a flower crown, overcast skies and I can edit a shoot in no time flat! Yesterday’s drive to the mountains looked deceiving with the dark clouds but it was perfect once we got there. We already had to reschedule this session twice so I’m so glad the rain held off for us. Such a perfect shoot. I can’t wait to meet their little girl! Flower crown from : Lafayette Florist

One of the few shoots last week I didn’t have to reschedule. Although the snow came that evening. This was a bittersweet session for Kim and her almost 3 year old, Blake. In 3 weeks or less Blake will no longer be the baby. I am SO excited to meet Maddie and see your family be so complete! Brings tears to my eyes. I love this family so much. Check out some other shoots I’ve done for them throughout the… Read more »

We got a lot accomplished during this session last weekend and had a beautiful day for it. We found a tree with some blossoms on it and the entire crew came (dog and all)! They are expecting a little girl in May. I love the fun props Urva always brings along. Little Marcus just turned two so we got to enjoy some cupcakes at the end!