Jenna is going to school to be a lawyer !! Full load of classes but still trying to enjoy her free time and work as much as she can.  We headed down to Denver and just walked past as the bums whistled and stared.  It was pretty windy and cold and the protest that was going on at the Capitol ruined one of our locations, but we still got some great shots.


A+ for bringing the pearls !!!

Holy cow ! Check Angela out, she worked it for me !!!  Running around in stilettos with crazy wind, she did great.  We drove around to lots of different locations.  She’s speechless, I have no more to say, time to just stare !

OH YA, got the hair flip.  Props to her, if I had hair like that, I’d look like a FREAK trying to flip it.

Ta da, here’s Steph that I told you you’d be seeing, Andrea’s sister.  These girls are too cute.  This shoot was so much fun and we got some great shots right as the sun was going down, LOVE.  Steph is currently in her first year of college & a workin girl.  She just got her first car and has a good steady long term relationship.  I’m so proud of her, I remember when we all used to have sleepovers back in elementary school.  Check this lady out !


Here is Andrea !! I’ve known her and her sister since preschool (you’ll see her sister soon!).  After a delayed start (thanks Andrea ;) ) we headed up to Heritage Square…wait I didn’t say that.  Apparently you’re not allowed to shoot “professional pictures” there.  We found that out after a very rude rude man yelled at us.  But these are just for fun.  After he ruined our fun we said “SEE YA” and got in the car and cruised down the street to the classic Red Rocks fora few last pictures to end the day !