“God couldn’t be everywhere, and that’s why he made mothers”



What a great day !!!  Love how the sun came out just in time for Mother’s Day.   I’m so thankful to have such an amazing person in my life.  The one person I can always call, go to & ask any type of question.  The one person that spending the day talking & hanging out just never seems long enough.  With all the technology now-a-days, it’s easy to search your questions through youtube, google, jeeves or chacha.  But I go to my mom first.  Taylor & I were talking about how moms are so smart and we were arguing about who’s mom is smarter !  As we really started thinking about it, we were both kind of in awe about how smart moms are.  We both agreed on how we can ask our moms ANY question, about ANYTHING, and there’s always an answer, ALWAYS.  What the heck !! When will I get this knowledge ?  It amazes me, moms are like walking encyclopedias ( YES I SPELLED CHECKED THAT WORD, not a clue how to spell it ) Wish I had my mom’s brain.

My mom has always been there for me ( I keep referring to “my mom” because it’s “Mother’s” Day, but when you see “my mom,” put “my dad” right next to it & keep reading)  Through thick & thin, she’s always believed in me and never gave up, ever.  Even in times when I did.  (Yes, I had a very rough time in high school)  She’s supported me in times when I needed it but made me learn, grow and earn things. ” You have to give your kids your time, not money. ”  Love that quote, I’m such a better person simply for that fact.  I can’t believe the values and beliefs my mom has passed down and etched into my brain.  I have a plan in life, a career, a beautiful home and a future husband.  Which brings up the second greatest gift of all.. (first is bringing me into the world!)…my wedding dress !!!! My mom is making my wedding dress, the end, what more can I say to that, is there a better word for amazing ?  What’s the top of the top, most amazing, better the BETTER ?? Oh, wait, I think the word just came to me, MOM.

I took my mom to a decective play + brunch !!

oh ya, I was one of two people to find out who the murderer was !

Happy Easter again everyone.  My holidays get a little screwed up since I have so many other peoples’ schedules to compare to.  With Taylor & I working odd hours at hotels we usually celebrate our holidays on a completely different day.  And celebrating Easter the weekend after doesn’t bother my mom all that much because, HALF OFF ALL THE EASTER CANDY, SCORE !  You’re welcome Mommy 🙂  Yes, guilty, my cousins and I are still doing Easter Egg hunts.  Too addicting & it only gets better with time !  The parents start hiding them in harder & harder places.  Somehow I’m always the last one scratching my head playing the, “Am I hot, or cold” game.  Or maybe that’s because I had my camera with me and was very distracted by all the spring blooming in the backyard, “I’m documenting our memories, give me a break !”  🙂 But every year the parents are even forgetting where they hid them !  I got a text from my mom last night,  “apparently we missed counted, Sam just brought in an egg.”


Egg Thief !