I, Katie Bradshaw, am proud to announce that I am now a volunteer at the Hope House of Colorado.  The Hope House is an amazing organization that I had found through a girl I went to school with.  I was completely drawn to it.  Being able to help someone and give back is probably one of the best feelings out there.  I wasn’t searching to volunteer but I came across Hope House and didn’t think to search after that, it found me.  Hope House is a place for teen moms with a residential program, a GED program and a mentoring program. The house was built 10 years ago…pretty much for free and the organization was created by two ladies who were teen moms themselves.  This house has been nothing but a Godsend.  The story and the girls give me chills every time I step in the house.  These young teens are given the chance to get an education, learn to care for an infant and learn life skills in relationships, careers and responsibilities.  Something they would never have because of how they themselves were brought up.

I am now their photographer.  I will be taking pictures at some of their events like the Gala.  Which is their fundraiser event and last year they raised $140,000 !!!!!  The girls get all dolled up and ready like it’s prom night…since they had a baby instead of a prom.  The Hope House gets prom dress donations and the girls can choose which one they want.  I can’t WAIT to give my homecoming and prom dresses away.  If you have any old ones that you’d like to be able to give to the girls, please give them a call 303-429-1012.

The courage these girls have is amazing.  I’m so glad to be a part of this amazing organization that makes a difference.

It was a hot August day…like usual.  Luckily we didn’t have our normal afternoon showers.  Nicole looked gorgeous in her dress, it’s like it was made for her.  It had a beautiful collared neckline.  The venue was at the club house of the Solterra housing complex.  The whole place was decorated in black and white…her wedding colors, strings of lights twinkled above the outside dance floor and cute kids were running everywhere.  The ceremony was really special for Nicole and Justin because of the sand ceremony. They had each of their kids pour sand with them, to symbolize the combining of their families.  The evening carried on until the sun was down and the strands of lights were the only light source outside.  It was absolutely beautiful and I’m so glad I was able to share their special day !