I love this beautiful couple!! They will celebrate their 4 year wedding anniversary in September! They drove down from Wyoming and we had a gorgeous day in Estes Park minus the wind but you can hardly tell how gusty it was! Amy’s dress is so perfect. I’m so happy I could take some photos of them. They will be in a bridal party of a wedding I’m shooting in May.

My Mom and I do a mother daughter trip every year. This year we went all out and did twelve days in Spain! We flew into Madrid, took a high speed train to Seville and then flew again to Barcelona.

Madrid and Seville stole our hearts. Barcelona didn’t do too much for us. We found it dirty and not as comfortable walking around unlike Madrid & Seville! This was such an incredible trip!


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2017-03-30_0024 IMG_0621 IMG_0627 IMG_0633 IMG_0640 IMG_0649

Harrison was 10 days old when took these last week! He came right on his due date. He was so sleepy for us which I love because we were able to wrap him up and do different things without bothering him. I love the blankets they had to use!

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What a beautiful family! I got to go to their brand new home and take Eloise’s newborn portraits. We had both Grandma’s there to help and the trusty vacuum cleaner to make her fall asleep instantly. We had too much fun! Eloise is so perfect and doesn’t like to be moved or touched while she’s sleeping so we had to work hard for these!
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