It was a chilly morning with a little bit of snow.  I drove to Arlee & Michael’s home where I was greeted by 18 month old Jayden and 8 year old Lauren at the door of their new home.  They had just moved in in June and their house was already transformed into a home.  Arlee was upstairs feeding 5 week old Ethan and I scouted around the house knowing the cold weather limited us to doing indoor portraits.  Which was more than fine in this beautiful home!  We started off with Ethan’s newborn portraits and then gathered the rest of the family together and worked our way from the living room to the stairs and other parts of the home.  I really felt at home with this family, they were all so sweet and I spent a good chunk of my morning with them.  The type of family I’m welcomed with a handshake and I leave with a hug.  I’m lucky I get to see them again this August at Arlee’s sister’s wedding that I’m shooting in Silverthorne.

I even gotta smooch!!

Proud Father….love this.

oh hello…gorgeous girls!

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