I love this little family! Kim has been such a good friend even before we had husbands! I’ve been able to take ALL their photos through every milestone and that means so much to me! I love watching little Blake grow. He’s 4 months old and he’s growing like a weed! His blue eyes and big cheeks are so cute! Their first Christmas with their little man, what a pretty Christmas card this will make!

2014-11-20_0034 2014-11-22_0005 2014-11-22_0004 2014-11-22_0003 2014-11-22_0002 2014-11-22_00012014-11-22_0006 2014-11-22_0010 2014-11-22_0009 2014-11-22_0008 2014-11-22_00072014-11-22_0011 2014-11-22_0013 2014-11-22_00122014-11-22_0014 2014-11-22_0020 2014-11-22_0019 2014-11-22_0018 2014-11-22_0017 2014-11-22_0016 2014-11-22_00152014-11-22_0021

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